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One phrase that is consistent in the FabnGrab vocabulary is "local community.“ Everything about FabnGrab is local community based. FabnGrab at its core is an online community of the people for the people—connecting local residents to local restaurants. 

FabnGrab has developed a system that works to modernize the “nearby Food and Beverage deals” experience and ensure that members of the community who live on a budget can take advantage of all the deals available to them. Such that, when someone in a community wonders where they can have breakfast, lunch or dinner for a great discounted price—FabnGrab provides a solution. 

FabnGrab works to connect both sides of the marketplace being committed to helping restaurants make their deals discoverable to consumers. Specials are typically only known to consumers once they visit the restaurant and view the menu board. The FabnGrab app gives local restaurants a digital platform to brand and advertise community deals attracting more foot traffic to their restaurant. Our community based approach makes it easier for local restaurants to connect with local consumers.

At FabnGrab we pride ourselves in not being a typical start up; we believe that technology is about helping and improving lives; that is what we have set out to do.

We hope you enjoy using FabnGrab as much as we have enjoyed developing it!


Meet The Team

Top industry professionals with a tech start-up mentality

Rudy Rodriguez

Founder and CEO

Rudy Rodriguez, the man behind the vision, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FabnGrab, is a software entrepreneur that can be described in many ways, but a major driving force in his life has been the question: can I make something work that others can use? This question drove Rudy to become an avid learner and a relentless entrepreneur. Come college time, Rudy studied Business Management, but his frustration with his first job, combined with some luck and chance plus his brilliance, landed him a job as a Risk Manager with an aerospace company. Managing risks for complex systems and capabilities, Rudy started to explore all facets of his love for engineering and that love sent him back to school for more than one engineering based postgraduate degree, including a degree in Systems Engineering. Having always been a ‘Systems Thinking’ guy, very detailed and interested in the complete end to end product development lifecycle, Rudy took to Systems Engineering particularly and now oversees a team of software and technical engineers and provides consultancy for aspiring entrepreneurs.

For Rudy, FabnGrab is a great way to express his desire to make something work that other people can use. He found out that his own personal experiences, frustrations and needs with finding restaurant deals on food and beverage were replicated for most average individuals. So he went to work to figure out a possible solution. Rudy designed the first product of FabnGrab from start to finish between 2017 and 2018. When the first concept didn’t work out as planned, he was not deterred. Instead, he learned what he could and started gathering as much knowledge as he could absorb in preparation for the next design phase. Now he’s back with FabnGrab, with a team he refers to as his dream team. Rudy has a son and a daughter, a love for animals and undying thirst for knowledge.

Keith Conway

Co-founder and CTO

Having lived a life immersed in software development and applications, Keith Conway is by no mistake, the Chief Technology Officer of FabnGrab. With a university degree in Software Development and experience in related fields spanning 3 decades, Keith has mastered the science of technological systems and applications. His life has seen him go from software, systems architecture, to cyber security and then again to software, and now he has married all his experiences together to provide FabnGrab with all absorbing finesse as it relates to how technologies are being used: web applications, android applications and IOS applications.

Keith Conway sees the work being done at FabnGrab as a way to shelf the selfish corporate life and give back to the community by doing something that truly benefits members of the community. After many years working for other people, he is now retargeting his skills to help out the local folds in the best way he can. Keith does so at FabnGrab by taking care of all the processes involved in users navigating the FabnGrab applications with ease. He believes that FabnGrab is a great response to a pandemic that has diminished people’s living expenses, as they still must consume food and beverage. Keith is married with two daughters and maintains family time as a priority, whether it’s at the beach or playing soccer with his girls.

Paul Schaefer

Director of Engineering

Paul Schaefer is our man for how everything works and connects. As Director of Engineering at FabnGrab, he maintains responsibility for ensuring that all the technical components and behind-the-scene enabling pieces work well together to provide a good outlook of the company and its product, as well as its functionality. Paul graduated College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems, and has gone on since then to help build software application systems for many organizations. He has garnered over 3 decades of experience in the field, working in different sectors: finance, human resources, telecommunications and defense.

Paul sees FabnGrab as a way to focus on creating something that is meaningful to people. He has been married for over thirty years and has raised six children with his wife on a single income, which translates to low expenditure for feeding and maintaining the entire household. For Paul, that life experience makes him even more passionate about the FabnGrab vision, because he gets to be a part of something that helps other people with low expenditure still be able to put food on their table. Paul’s love for family and community round up to making him a great addition to the team.

Zack Robb

Customer Experience Lead

For all our great ideas and great technological implementations, we have Zachary for two things: to make sure our message gets to our customers and potential customers, and to ensure they have a good experience with us. Zachary Robb, driven by a love for sports and an admiration for athletes, graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science. However, when he began his physical therapy doctorate programme, treating out patients, Zachary realized he wanted to learn how the business really ran; that drove him into the world of Sales and Marketing. Upon discovering he had a knack for the craft, he completely occupied himself with it, also embracing the customer experience functions that came alongside – a feat easily surmountable as a result of his experiences with physical therapy patients.

Now, Zachary uses those talents and roundly developed skills to help share the FabnGrab vision; forming and maintaining partner/customer relationships. From meeting with restaurant owners, to getting them signed up, he works to build the FabnGrab network for the benefit of local consumers of food and beverage. Zachary is married and still enjoys the occasional (and regular) skateboarding.

Our Pledge

The FabnGrab commitment

At FabnGrab, we believe our company is only as great as the people who embrace and embody our mission, vision, and culture. For that reason, we are committed to building an exceptional workforce with a strong set of moral values and customer service dream team.

We are always looking for people to join our team.

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